Record Bushfires Sweep Australia

Dozens of fires are burning in Australia, causing the government to declare a state of emergency. Around 25.5 million acres have already burned, with approximately 27 deaths, and around 2000 homes destroyed. The smoke pollution has also caused a disruption in day-to-day activitIes. The air quality index is currently 23 times higher than what is considered to be “hazardous”. 

It is not likely that the blazes will end soon either. Australia’s summer lasts into February. Record breaking temperatures swept through Australia in December and experts warn that the worst may not be over. Extreme winds and heat have fueled the fires making it impossible to control the fires. The experience has led Australia’s government to create The National Bushfire Recovery Agency funded with $2 billion to help restore communities in the aftermath of the bushfires.

Australia is not the only place to experience record-breaking wildfires recently. Back in 2018, California suffered losses due to wildfires. The losses were so devastating that the California State Commissioner requested insurers to expedite the claims so that survivors could start the rebuilding process. The commissioner previously declared an emergency situation so that insurers could use out-of-state adjusters. His request for expedition on claims asked insurers to be more lenient with deadlines and documentation so that payments can be made to policyholders more quickly.

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